During the development of your game, your teams will be confronted with scripting and referential issues. By entrusting us with your research, you can focus your collaborators on what they do best : video games. For the rest, we take care of it !


During the creation of your setting, we can help you identify geographical areas or themes in which to set your story arcs and missions. We can also establish for you, in coordination with your creative teams, one or several complete scenarios that will constitute a solid foundation for your story.


Once the setting is determined, we can create handbooks for your vehicles, weapons, units or the type of buildings encountered in the area. These handbooks can be online or in paper form, so that they are always available to your teams.


Whether it’s for sound capture or MOCAP, we can offer you a wide panel of experts and referents, who will help you give authenticity to your captures. We can also offer you a referent, a kind of hotline, who will be present or reachable by your teams during the whole project.