To help your teams unleash their creativity, TAISSON is able to provide various services. Our experts are carefully selected, because we don’t forget that your teams are doing video games, not tactical planning. So we always make sure that our speakers are up to speed and know how to be fun and inspiring !


Whether you want to have a masterclass on camouflage, robotics, sniping or naval tactics, no problem ! We will organize a conference for you with a recognized expert !


To understand what we model, what could be better than to touch the reality of the material. For example, we can organize workshops for you to customize weapons or tactical vests, outdoor sessions to understand camouflage or survival, and safe shooting sessions with certified instructors.


To see an armored vehicle or a combat helicopter up close, what better way than to visit the regiment that operates them or the manufacturer? We also organize for you VIP visits on the major military or specialized exhibitions (BOURGET, EUROSATORY, MILIPOL, EURONAVAL, SOFINS)